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Your DNA as ART.

Do you have your genetic data from 23andMe or
We turn your data into artwork as unique as you.


How we turn your DATA into ART


1. Process raw data

Your raw data is a survey of up to ~960,000 places in your DNA, written in the genetic alphabet (A, C, G, and T). Most of them are two letters — one from your mom, one from your dad. We count how many times we see each two-letter combination per chromosome.


2. Assign colors

Then we give each two-letter combination its own color. 


3. Draw shapes

We draw a shape for each combination: the higher the count, the larger the shape. Then we rotate each shape a bit.


4. Stack and repeat

Then the shapes are overlaid: the largest at the bottom, the smaller ones on top, so we can see them all.
We repeat this for each chromosome.


The result is unique for each person.
Here you see two people's DNA prints next to each other, for comparison.

Just as no two of us share the same DNA — except identical twins, of course — our visuals produce a pattern that is uniquely YOU!

You can further personalize your DNA print by choosing from three different designs on light or dark backgrounds.

Sizes and Materials

We offer your DNA art on shirts, posters with or without frame, or on stretched canvas.  

T-ShirtS, M, L, XLAll-over dye sublimation print on jersey shirt.$50
Poster20 x 30 in.Enhanced matte paper$45
Small Framed Poster12 x 18 in.1 in. wood frame, painted black, acrylic glazing$79
Large Framed Poster20 x 30 in.1 in. wood frame, painted black, acrylic glazing$129
Small Canvas12 x 18 in.34% cotton, 66% poly blend canvas on 1.5 in. stretcher$79
Large Canvas20 x 30 in.34% cotton, 66% poly blend canvas on 1.5 in. stretcher$139
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Got your DNA data?

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Christian Stolte
Phone: +1 (929) 259 0900                     


Our DNA art at SIGGRAPH: Science of the Unseen
Contribute to research: Donate your data to DNA.Land