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What we do and don't do with your data

  • YOUR RAW DATA STAYS WITH YOU - none of your DNA source data ever is saved on our server. After you select your data file, your data is parsed in the browser via JavaScript and distilled into the genotype summary count. What you see in the form field is the only information we transmit and store, together with your name, email, and instructions. Try it now!
  • REVERSE ENGINEERING IMPOSSIBLE - we can never, ever recreate the original data from the summary count. Since we save none of the precise genomic coordinates, but only counts of genotypes per chromosome, you can think of it as anonymous election results: you know how people voted in each district, but you can never tell who voted for whom. Try it now!
  • NO SHARING - we do not share your data. With anyone. Ever. Try it now!
  • COOKIES – we use cookies to improve your user experience. For example, you won't have to re-enter your name and email address when you return to our site to place another order.


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